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Carfagna’s Cooking Class Voucher


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Carfagna’s Cooking Class Voucher is an eGift Card to send the gift of a Cooking Class. Each voucher will cover the cost (plus tax) for 1 guest. They may sign up for whichever class they prefer at their convenience!

You will not be able to use this in-store at our market & restaurant. If you would like a physical gift card to use in the market & restaurant, click here.

You Can Use This eGift for:

  • Cooking Classes.
  • 1 Voucher will cover the cost (plus tax) of 1 person for a Carfagna’s Cooking Class.

These Vouchers are a great gift idea for your loved ones. Send them this Cooking Class Voucher, so they may sign up for a Cooking Class at their convenience!

*Please note, these are for online use only. You will not be able to redeem these for in-store purchases at our market & restaurant. If you’re looking for a physical gift card to use in-store, click here.

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A local Italian family tradition since 1937. When it comes to authentic Italian food in Central Ohio it’s Carfagna’s. For over 80 years Carfagna’s has been the standout in the local Italian food scene. The Carfagna family is dedicated to keeping the traditions, values, and service for which we’ve become famous alive for years to come.

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