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  • 15/25 Wine Tasting!
    15/25 Wine Tasting!
    15/25 Wine Tasting….  15 Wines for $25.00 Our 1st big tasting @ Carfagna’s on Gemini.  Join us this this FUN tasting! Date/Time:  Saturday, June 4th; 1:00pm – 3:00pm Cost:  $25.00 (+tax)/per person (may NOT be split with another person) Location: Carfagna’s Italian Market in the Piazza – This is a…
  • Organic Original Recipe Pasta Sauce
    Our Original Recipe Pasta Sauce made with 100% organic ingredients. For the health conscious, clean eaters and the curious! While all of our sauces are made using 100% natural ingredients, this one goes a step further!
  • Meat Lover’s Trio!
    All three of our Meat Lover’s Series pasta sauces. Butcher’s Blend Ground Beef, Savory Italian Sausage, and Little Meatballs! Can’t decide which meat sauce to buy? Buy all 3 sauces together and save $  
  • Original Gourmet Pasta Sauce
    Extra thick, crushed tomatoes, olive oil and chianti wine. This is it! Exceptional, second to none. This family recipe sets the bar for high quality Italian cooking. One full quart – 32 ozs. – 947 ml
  • Homemade Vodka Sauce
    Creamy, Cheesy, Tomatoey. Very rich. Made with fresh real cream. One full quart 32 ozs. – 947 ml.
  • Pootaneska Sauce
    Spicy tomato filets, garlic, and black olives. This is spicy hot! Just like southern Italy. One full quart – 32 ozs. – 947 ml.
  • The Sicilian
    Baby portabella mushrooms and roasted peppers. Excellent served over cut pastas, such as Penne or Rigatoni. One full quart – 32 ozs. – 947 ml.

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    Our Grandmother, Nonna Maria, taught us how to make celebrated Italian food using authentic Carfagna Family Recipes from the Abruzzo-Molise Region of Italy. Use Only the Very Best and Finest Ingredients and Never, Never Rush. With each of our Carfagna authentic Italian homemade products, we follow our grandmother’s advice and use only the freshest, premium products available. We take our time making each delicious item… so you won’t have to!

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    A local Italian family tradition since 1937. When it comes to authentic Italian food in Central Ohio it’s Carfagna’s. For over 80 years Carfagna’s has been the standout in the local Italian food scene. The Carfagna family is dedicated to keeping the traditions, values, and service for which we’ve become famous alive for years to come.

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