Luscious Lasagnas for the Holidays – Tues, 11-22-22 @1pm


Tuesday, November 22nd 2022 @ 1:00PM

$75.00 per person

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Our “Hands-On Activities” are designed for everyone to learn the recipes through a team-building approach. Working in small groups, we build the recipes together and serve the completed dishes “family-style”. We finish each class by enjoying the delicious food we created in our beautiful Piazza.

Class Description:

Chef/Instructor: Joyce Conway


  • Traditional Meat Lovers Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce
  • White Vegetable Lasagna Supreme
  • Lasagna Roll-ups for a crowd
  • Quick Italian Chopped Salad
  • A Sampling of our Featured Gelato
  • A Glass of our Wildflower White or Redwood Railroad Red Blend Wines

The most popular dish ordered in American Italian restaurants is Lasagna! Revered by most pasta lovers, this dish has evolved into the countless variations of lasagna options. You will learn the techniques and steps for making 3 uniquely different, but all delicious, versions. Additionally, you will prepare an Italian Chopped Salad.

For our 21+ guests we offer a complimentary glass of our featured wines. Salute!

(Non-alcoholic beverage options are also available.)



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