Picnic on the Piazza


Tuesday June 28, 2022 at 2 pm

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Our “Hands-On Activities” are designed for everyone to learn the recipes through a team-building approach. Working in small groups, we build the recipes together and serve the completed dishes “family-style”. We finish each class by enjoying the delicious food we created in our beautiful Piazza.

Class Description:

Chef/Instructor: Joyce Conway

Antipasti Skewers
Ciabatta Meatball & Provolone Sandwiches
Italian Chopped Salad with Cannellini Beans, Artichokes & Albacore Tuna
Brownie Cups with Assorted Berries and whipped cream

We’re proud to invite you to our Piazza di Carfagna to enjoy the Italian tradition of socializing, eating, and drinking in our lovely indoor Piazza. Adjacent to our cooking classroom and bustling specialty Italian Market, it’s a great setting to relax and enjoy your culinary creations. You will learn the techniques needed to create the perfect Italian summer picnic!

For our 21+ classes, toast each other and your wonderful Italian piazza experience with a glass of a featured wine. Cin Cin!

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