• Italian Dinner!
      An Italian Wine Dinner (9/20)
      An Wonderful Italian Wine & Cuisine pairing presented by Linda Paci of Usiglian Del Vescovo (Tuscany) & Trevor of Offredo Selections. The Cuisine will be prepared by Salvatore, Carmen, Marcia Continue Reading
    • Cheese & Wine Tasting- Italy 3 (9/26)
      Welcome to the continuation of the Cheese & Wine Pairings! These episodes will be guided by our Cheese Director, Michelle Vieira. Michelle is a Cheese Monger, and a Certified Cheese Continue Reading
    • Chili Ready Spicy
      Our very own chili starter sauce! Want quick and easy chili? Brown 1 lb of your favorite chili meat or vegetables and add 1 jar of our Chili Ready sauce Continue Reading
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