Summer Pasta Making Workshop – Thurs, 6-29-23 @6pm


Thursday, June 29th @ 6 PM

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Our “Hands-On Activities” are designed for everyone to learn the recipes through a team-building approach. Working in small groups, we build the recipes together and serve the completed dishes “family-style”. We finish each class by enjoying the delicious food we created in our beautiful Piazza.

Class Description:

Chef/Instructor: Marcia Ginsberg


  • Homemade Pasta Dough

  • Sweet Pea and Pancetta Sauce

  • Italian Summer Salad

  • Garlic Bread with Spread
  • Chef’s Choice of Dessert from Our Café
  • A glass of our featured red or white wine

In this class, Marcia will teach you how to make, cut and cook the perfect fresh pasta, using traditional techniques. Your fresh pasta will be accompanied by a delicious Sweet Pea and Pancetta sauce you can easily recreate at home.  You will round out your meal with a simple Italian Summer salad and fresh garlic bread with a buttery spread. This class is a truly fun and educational experience with delicious fresh pasta at the center!

For our 21+ classes, toast each other and your wonderful Italian piazza experience with a glass of a featured wine. Cin Cin! Non-alcoholic options also available.

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